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Welcome to Vienna!
Welcome to the Jungle!

The Urban Jungle Apartments are 100% contactless, sustainable, CO2 neutral, state-of-the-art apartments in the heart of Vienna, the most livable city in the world. The more than 200-year-old building of the designer apartments was completely renovated by July 2023 and creates a bridge between the old and charming Viennese flair and modern and stylish design - in the best possible harmony with our environment.

Enjoy your holiday, your business trip or your long-term stay in one of our 12 apartments in 4 different categories and let the charm of Vienna work on you amidst many plants and a unique inner courtyard.

You are also welcome with your four-legged friend - two of our apartments are completely barrier-free and therefore also offer people with disabilities and the severely disabled the opportunity to spend the night at the Urban Jungle Vienna.

Our underfloor heating and cooling, a fully equipped kitchen, separate living and sleeping areas, your private balcony, free access to our idyllic courtyard and last but not least our plants ensure comfort and the perfect feel-good factor for up to 5 people per apartment.


Book your apartment now and feel the urban jungle vibes.
Sustainability, hospitals & plants.





The flora of our family-run apartments ranges from tropical to subtropical, native, small, large and rare plants.

From the interior greening of our hall, the corridors and each individual apartment, to our picturesque inner courtyard, to the greening of the facade, a green pergola and more, our plant world is unique. We just love plants. We not only love their incredibly diverse and beautiful looks, but also the many other positive aspects that come along with them.

An overnight stay in the Urban Jungle Apartments is 100% contactless, but still not impersonal. Our plants accompany you throughout your stay and have a very positive effect on your well-being.

Visit us and experience the unique flair of the Urban Jungle Apartments Vienna and its flora for yourself.

Did you know that plants...?

- improve the rooms climate (humidity, acoustics, oxygen content)

- subconsciously increase the well-being in humans and make us happier

- can promote restful sleep and even prevent allergies