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We love our planet with all its animals, plants and wonders and want to preserve it for future generations with our current quality of life. That's why sustainability and the careful use of resources is not just part of our marketing plan, but an elementary part of our corporate philosophy - greenwashing has no place with us!


This basic attitude, way of life and way of doing business runs through our entire company. From the renovation of the building to payment, sustainability not only plays a supporting role, but one of the main ones.

We have spared no expense or effort to put these values into practice:

- Our low-energy underfloor heating and cooling is 100% CO2 neutral. We obtain the energy for this from a geothermal source - specifically from the groundwater of our in-house well

- We obtain our electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources such as wind or hydropower

- During the conversion of the 200-year-old building, we were particularly careful in the selection of building materials and resources with regard to their sustainability and environmental compatibility

- Upcycling material removed during remodeling. For example, we made our stylish coffee tables from the old floors.

- Purchase of products that have been upcycled (e.g. plant stands made from old slatted frames, made in a workshop for people with disabilities in Snorre)

- Building greening on several levels: inner courtyard, facade, balconies, roof greening, vertical gardening, indoor greening of our entrance hall, in every corridor and in every single apartment

- an important part of a sustainable corporate concept is not only the saving of CO2 emissions. We are committed to biodiversity and our micro climate. We create nesting sites for wild birds and also naturally cool the urban climate through our facade greening and our inner courtyard


- due to our measures (nesting sites for swifts, bats and other bird species) we have been awarded as a bird and bat-friendly house

- Our entire house is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to use less energy and waste nothing. (e.g. switch to LED lighting)

- Extension of the existing building insulation as well as new windows with excellent insulation values


- Use of sustainable products in daily operations (soap and shampoo from "Stop the Water" and much more.)

- We only use Brunner water to flush the toilets and water our plants

- Waste separation and worm composting of organic waste with worm boxes


- Planting of trees for each stay with our partner "Grow my tree"


- Strengthening of the local economy through the use of local products or cooperation with local family businesses that also focus on sustainability, such as our partner Wirl (bed linen)


- Sensitization of our guests to the topic of environmental protection


- Supporters of Special Olympics Austria (socially sustainable)


A big word, but what does it mean?
Despite all our measures to reduce our CO2 emissions, it is unfortunately not yet possible to produce no CO2 at all in our modern age. That is why we compensate our entire CO2 footprint without exception via certified partners such as "Climate Partner" and regularly invest in global climate projects. Our guests can also compensate their stay by booking directly on our website.

We also plant more than 1,400 trees annually with our partner Grow my Tree on behalf of our valued guests.

Supported Projects:


Image by Ahmed Nishaath
Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel


Biodiversity is an important keyword in our overall concept. But actions speak louder than words - that's why we have taken several measures to increase biodiversity in our district and thus ensure more species diversity:


- Thoughtful selection of plants in the Urban Jungle Garden

- Creation of a facade and wall greening
- Creation of nesting sites for wild birds and bats
- Support for regional beekeepers

IMG_2182 Kopie.jpg


We would be happy to welcome you to Urban Jungle Vienna. And because we care about our planet and our guests, we will plant a tree in your name with our partner Grow my Tree for every stay in our house.

iStock-1156208490 Kopie.jpg

By the way - we have already planted this many trees in the name of our guests:

We hope you're as excited as we are about making our planet a little greener together. After your check-out you will receive the certificate for your tree.



We are currently in the process of recertifying the Austrian Ecolabel and the European Eco Label. As already mentioned above, we attach particular importance to:

- a natural and healthy ambience in the house and garden

- traveling by public transport

- easy to implement waste separation

- waste and energy optimized management

- groceries from organic farming

- local products

- avoiding unnecessary packaging material

- Increasing biodiversity and improving the local microclimate

- and much, much, much more

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-16 um 14.58.56.png

This is how you can help make your stay with us even more sustainable, because only together can we make a big difference:

- close the windows when the heating or cooling is activated - shock ventilation is of course permitted

- always turn off all lights using the “All lights” switch when you leave your apartment. Don't worry, all power outlets still work and charge your electrical devices

- save water and turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving - avoid excessively long showers

- please be sure to separate the garbage using the trash cans provided

- smoking is only permitted on the balconies or in the courtyard without exception

- preferably use public transport and bicycles - this way you can get around the city faster anyway

Thank you for being part of the change!

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