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Dear Guest,

we would like to inform you about the officially prescribed safety devices in our house.



As an apartment house without a reception, you will find useful information about your stay in our house and about Vienna in our digital guest map - the Junge Book.


We are happy to be reached in person during our office hours Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or by telephone on 0043 1 21 40 123 916 to answer your concerns. Of course, you can also send us an email to rooms@urban-jungle.at at any time with your request.

You will find our office on the 1st floor of our house - feel free to come by!


For urgent matters and emergencies, our service line is 24/7 0043 1 21 40 123 911  

always there for you.


Fire alarm

The fire and smoke detectors in the apartment and the rest of the building are part of a high-tech fire protection system; these are for safety purposes and must under no circumstances be manipulated in any way (removing, touching, confirming, etc.)

Our Fancy Apartments (101/401) are also equipped with optical detectors on the ceiling, right next to the smoke detectors.


The fire alarms may/should only be activated in the event of an actual fire. This leads to a fire alarm throughout the whole house, which automatically informs us and the fire department.


If the alarm goes off during your stay with us - please remain calm and leave the building immediately, as described on the escape and rescue plan at the entrance door to the apartment.


Move to the opposite side of the street until the fire department arrives and gives the all-clear.


In case of an alarm, all fire doors close automatically and the compressed air ventilation system in the stairwell, which enables a safe escape route, begins to run. The entrance door opens automatically.


Do not use the elevator, it is automatically blocked. 


As soon as the alarm is triggered, the fire department is automatically informed and is on site within a few minutes.


In case of intentional misuse of the fire protection system (e.g. triggering a pressure head detector) or the fire alarm being triggered due to, for example, heavy smoke development when cooking or burning pots, smoking, the costs of the fire brigade operation (at least € 500) are borne by the person who triggered the alarm carry.


Special information for wheelchair users

Since the elevator and stair lift do not work in the event of a fire, please stay in your apartment in the event of an alarm and inform our service line 24/7 0043 1 21 40 123 911 that you are currently in the apartment and wait for further instructions from us or the fire brigade.


If the fire breaks out in your apartment, inform the fire department 122 and, if possible, leave the apartment immediately and wait in the compressed air ventilated stairwell until the fire department arrives.


Oven & hob

For safety precautions required by the authorities, the oven and the hob are linked to the central power on/off switch.


To use the oven and/or the hob, you must switch on the “Kitchen Devises” function on the central Smart Home control unit (right next to the door).


Pay attention! Our apartments are equipped with an induction hob. These heat up much faster than other types of hobs. Please always use the extractor hood when cooking. If there is a lot of steam or smoke, for example due to burning food, our fire alarm system throughout the house is automatically triggered and the fire department is alerted.


Video surveillance

The public areas of the Urban Jungle Apartments are under video surveillance at all times of the day and night for security reasons.


Additional Guest

The number of people who will use the apartment for the duration of the stay agreed upon when booking may not be exceeded without our consent. If you agree, we reserve the right to charge additional fees. Leaving the apartment to third parties, even temporarily, is strictly prohibited.


If this rule is violated, we are entitled to immediately terminate the accommodation contract and therefore to take over the apartment immediately.


A surcharge for overcrowding will be charged for the duration of non-contractual use.

Overnight stays by unregistered people are not permitted. We are legally obliged to document the personal details of all our guests, regardless of age.


Locking system & entering the house & entering the apartment

Our apartment house is equipped with a modern locking system.

As part of the online check-in, a personal PIN CODE is automatically generated for you, which is only valid for the duration of the booked stay (check-in time 3 p.m. to 10 a.m. on the day of departure).  This code may not be passed on to strangers. If this does happen, we will be forced to take legal action to ensure safety in our house.

Our employees are authorized to enter the apartment at any time for cleaning or maintenance work, weekly plant care or for other safety-related reasons. 

For fire safety reasons, the entrance door and the apartment door must always be closed. For your own safety, these must under no circumstances be manipulated in any way, such as by placing a suitcase between them.

Likewise, no objects (such as strollers, scooters or rubbish) may be stored in the hallways or stairwells.


We wish you a safe and relaxing stay in our house.

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